Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

-A Warm climate with rich natural features-Vegetables and Fruits that Grow up Strong and Healthy

The mountains of the Arida area are filled with orange trees, and 80% of the farmland is said to be used for citrus fruits. Arida is famous for producing mandarin oranges in Japan.

People say that the conditions for growing such delicious oranges are related to the sunny sloped fields, the rich soil, and the sea breeze from the sea.

In addition, the warm climate and rich environment of this and the surrounding area are suited to various other vegetables and fruits such as kiwifruit, plums, tomatoes, and Japanese pepper.

Fruits and vegetables harvested in each of the four seasons are as fresh as our seafood selection.

Providing safe and healthy fruits and vegetables

In order to protect and maintain traditional agriculture and provide safe fruits and vegetables to you, we have undertaken various safety measures such as traceability (production history book) where the farmer’s image can be seen and self-inspection of residual pesticides is carried out.

We only handle vegetables and fruits that are in season. We bring them to your table with confidence in their freshness, taste, and safety.