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Check out the variety of special products such as food, seasonings, sweets, and crafts from Arida that you can enjoy even after returning home! For personal use and as souvenirs, give the products of Arida a try, you won’t be disappointed!



  • 松ちゃん干物 活干物

    Fresh Dried Fish
    by Matchan Himono
    Using our unique method, we have created a dried fish that allows you to enjoy the plump taste of condensed umami as you would from a fresh fish.

  • おっぱ寿司の太刀魚かぶら寿司

    Hairtail kabura Zushi
    by Oppa Zushi
    Fresh hairtail fish are used. Kishu plum and shiso (Japanese basil) are mixed with rice. This delicacy is popular with women.

  • 海鮮せんべい

    Seafood senbeiThe Rice crackers made from fresh fish and shrimp caught at the Minoshima fishing port are very popular!

  • 太刀魚浜焼き

    Grilled hairtail fishSimple, but when you heat it in the oven, it becomes fluffy and very delicious.

  • ほね天

    HonetenA local dish of Arida, which is fried hairtail fish (minced, bone-in fish).

  • しらす加工品

    Processed products using whitebaitVarious types such as freshly boiled whitebait and Tsukudani (cooked in sweetened soy sauce) are available.

  • Mikan Orange juice

    Mikan Orange juiceArida Mikan Orange juice represents Wakayama prefecture. It's fun to drink and compare various types ♪

  • Kishu Kinzanji-miso

    Kishu Kinzanji-misoMiso ready to eat as it is, produced in the traditional way right here in Wakayama prefecture. Because vegetables and Kouji (rice malt) are brewed together, fermented and aged, the taste of Koji and vegetables blend together so you can enjoy the mellow taste.

  • Processed products using fruits

    Processed products using fruitsYou can find many kinds of fruits in Arida and we make them even more delicious while retaining their freshness. The packages are unique and varied too.

  • Vinegar/Ponzu vinegar

    Vinegar/Ponzu vinegarThe vinegar of Wakayama is highly recommended as well! We have many types of ponzu vinegar made from citrus fruits.

  • Eel by Kawaguchi Suisan

    EelWe also sell domestically sourced eels from Arida's best eel shop, Kawaguchi Fisheries. Speaking of eels, Kawaguchi Suisan (known as Kawa-sui) has won the Rakuten Gourmet Grand Prize in the eel category for 10 consecutive years. *Very popular, these eels often sell out quickly.

  • Arida local goods

    Local goodsWe also have a variety of cute items inspired by Arida's special products. Someone you know would be delighted to receive small paper envelope with "Ookiniyo" (Thank you) and "Eewaisho" (It’s good, isnt’ it) written on it in the Dialect of Wakayama.♪